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What Is An HOA Board and What Do They Do?

April 2, 2021 BLOG Feature

If you’re wondering the answers to these questions, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a member of a homeowners association, a property owner within an HOA-regulated community, or you’ve recently been elected to a board and are curious about your responsibilities, you need to know what an HOA board is and what it does.

Your board is (or will be) made up of elected volunteers within the community. As homeowners within the community, they have a vested interest in the HOA’s success. Boards elect officers, conduct regular meetings, and manage bylaws and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). In some cases, an association management company will assist the board with their duties and responsibilities.

HOA Board Officers and Their Responsibilities

A lot goes into being part of a homeowners association board. Most boards will elect four main officers, and potentially other roles, to help split up the responsibilities accordingly.


The President is the leader of the board and the authority on all rules and governing documents. In addition to being well-versed in the bylaws and CC&Rs, they’re responsible for leading association meetings and should know the ins and outs of doing so legally and effectively. During board meetings, they dictate the agenda, pose questions, manage speakers, and call for votes and announce the results.

Vice President

The main job of the Board Vice President is to support the President, including standing in for them when they are not able to attend meetings. Additionally, the Vice President maintains order during meetings and keeps business running smoothly. They should be versed in the bylaws and CC&Rs as well, and serve as an additional resource to the President.


The HOA secretary is responsible for maintaining notes and minutes from all board meetings. This includes updating, reviewing, and safely storing them in a location accessible to association members. Distributing information on meeting dates and times with appropriate notice, as well as dispersing documents, official records, and agendas. They are also in charge of ensuring all legal documents meet requirements and deadlines.


As you probably guessed, the Board Treasurer handles all of the association’s finances. They manage funds and financial records, and oversee billing and collections. Additionally, the Treasurer is responsible for coordinating and maintaining the association’s yearly budget and allocating reserves. All year-end reporting on budget, spending, and audits falls to them, and they ensure that all financial matters and records are in compliance with bylaws and governing documents.

How Board Members Are Elected

HOA board members are elected by their neighbors, the residents within their community. The procedure and length of time between elections is subject to local and state laws and association bylaws (though it’s recommended to change leadership fairly often, such as every two to three years). Almost all laws and regulations require that any eligible homeowner within the HOA be given equal opportunity to run. This includes giving proper notice of election proceedings to every resident within the community and keeping the process anonymous and private. Typically, members are given three ways to vote: in person at the meeting, through mail, or by proxy, where they can appoint another member to attend and cast a vote on their behalf.

Supporting Your HOA Board With Professional Association Management

Board Members have a lot riding on their shoulders, and property managers often end up handling aspects of running the community. Hiring a professional HOA management company usually provides you with an association manager to assist your board in their responsibilities. This gives everyone peace of mind that the board is being run not only in a legal and compliant manner, but also to top industry standards.

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