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Through our “happy homeowner know-how” program, you learn the secrets you need to make your neighborhood great. With FOCUS, we share our exclusive industry knowledge and best practices for HOA management. Geared toward Board Members and toward our team, FOCUS looks at each part of association management and applies it to your greater vision.

Board FOCUS Groups

We provide you with extra support and guidance to be effortlessly effective in your role. From basic rules and responsibilities of board governance to planning, budgeting, and legal processes—we put you ahead of the game.

Our Vision for Success helps newly elected boards or communities new to VCM plan and implement your vision for your community. The workshop is also valuable if you’re an established board looking to invigorate your community’s focus and future.

Find out how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity at no charge!

Monthly FOCUS Groups for VCM Managers

We believe our HOA knowledge is also pivotal to your success, so we make it our mission to continually improve our understanding of the industry and its changing trends. FOCUS Fundamentals are a series of trainings geared toward our Year One managers, or those with little or no association experience. They learn the basics of association management on a monthly basis.

FOCUS Further delves deeper into management knowledge and is mandatory for all managers on a quarterly basis. This program includes training on proposals, contracts, and other documentation, as well as understanding and effectively leading HOA boards.

FOCUS Onsite allows managers to practice real-time, property-centric management in the field. This centers around issues like swimming pool inspections and working with landscaping contractors on property improvements.


We bring you expert research and information on the HOA industry. Learn what your association plat really means, as well as some of the common pitfalls board members should beware. Avoid one of the worst nightmares of our society: the dreaded social media callout. Read our FOCUS blog and keep your homeowners happy!

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