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Meet the Founder

Our Founder

Kerri Kingsbery


I started Vision Communities Management to provide superior customer service to homeowner’s associations in the Metroplex. My goal was to create a company focused on doing what we were paid to do: Maintain your community; communicate with your HOA board; return phone calls and reply to emails in a timely manner; and treat everyone with respect.

Although I started Vision Communities Management during the housing bust in 2008 I knew from my own community management experience there was a need for a company that provided excellent customer service at every level.

Within a few years Vision Communities grew into one of the largest HOA management companies in the Metroplex, thanks to our hard-working team of management professionals. But no matter how fast we grew we never outgrew my commitment to great customer service for every community we work with.

I am very proud of how Vision Communities Management has made the communities we manage better places to live; and want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goal of building a successful organization dedicated to superior customer service.

Kerri Kingsbery

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