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Kerri Kingsbery and Amber Anderson founded VCM, Inc. in 2008 because they believed in a more hands-on approach to community management.

After several years in the industry, Kerri realized management companies were using a “one size fits all” formula, instead of addressing the individual needs of each community.

Kerri and Amber designed a program that provides your community with unique service at every level. Even though they started the company during a housing bust, within a few years they became one of the largest HOA management companies in the metroplex. The method is simple—understand the vision for your community, and help you execute it.

Every member of the VCM team is dedicated to providing you with outstanding customer service, from administrative support to onsite maintenance to overseeing your HOA board. Going forward, we will continue to provide you with the support and knowledge you need to fulfill your specific goals for your community.

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