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The Advantage of Great Neighbors

January 1, 2021 BLOG Feature

The Advantage of Great Neighbors

Why our brand zeal is a benefit to your business

If you take a look around our website, social media , or if you walk into our office today, you’ll see a completely refreshed brand experience. We have updated our branding due to a rapidly changing market. Our company’s mission is to make your community a place where people truly want to live. In order to do that, we’re focusing on what it means to be a neighbor. There’s more to it than simply living on the same block. It means caring for the people around you and doing your part to make the neighborhood safe and fun for everyone. So, we’re taking this opportunity to express why our passion for our brand means that your vision, and your community, are in great hands.

What Our Brand Means to Us

Our team strives every day to be industry leaders and set ourselves apart from other professional community management companies. We believe in our brand. But what does that really mean? Your neighborhood is our neighborhood, too, and we want to make it a fun, safe, appealing place where we would want to live. Our association managers go above and beyond to meet your communities specific needs. We know what it takes to make your residents feel important and believe their voice is being heard. And we know what you want out of a thriving neighborhood, because we understand what it means to be a neighbor. We don’t stop there, though. Implementing and executing your perfect vision takes expert knowledge and skills. Our managers complete continuous professional development courses so we are always well-versed in this ever-changing industry.

What It Means for Your Community

Your community gets a tailor-made plan based on your community specific vision. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach—we listen to your unique goals and needs, and help you create a customized management plan built for success. We encourage Board Members to be consistently learning about association management best practices, changing legislation and, overall, how to run your community in the best way!

Our FOCUS training gives Board Members applicable training to bring value to the community. You get the opportunity to work alongside our managers and vendor experts to understand and implement new processes, learn how to best maintain amenities, and learn about legislative requirements. We help you brainstorm about committee, board, budget and governing document management, to really make your community shine. And you get a VCM association manager who is dedicated to being a true neighbor. This means making sure your vision and your goals are met and continually supported. It also means a friendly, first-touch brand of customer service that focuses on being fully engaged and involved.

Our main goal is to ensure happy homeowners, and every member of your community matters. We don’t just manage communities, we partner with your association to build a community people are proud to be part of. With VCM, it’s your community and ours.

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